Practice all year long!


With Full Swing Simulators

Jordan Spieth was on top of the world in 2015. After capturing the Masters, he attributed his success in part to the Full Swing Simulator he’d installed in his home — adding that he was using it to prepare for The Open Championship. There, he finished one stroke out of a playoff. The next year, Tiger Woods put Full Swing in his home and began touting the technology on social media. Amateurs and Tour pros quickly realized that if a Full Swing Simulator was helping these stars play even better golf, then it might also benefit themselves. No coincidence, thousands of Full Swing Simulators now grace homes and businesses worldwide. In fact, the brand won the Golf Digest Best of Award for the third consecutive year, capturing the 2019 Multi-Sport category.

It’s no wonder. Full Swing remains the most advanced system for golfers. Tour pros rely on it because the realism is jaw-dropping: When your club makes contact with the ball, an overhead camera records video and measures your clubhead data. The ball passes through two infrared tracks built in front of the screen — which measure the ball speed and direction, as well as other data points — and seamlessly crosses from the hitting bay into the virtual world with zero lag. You see the entire flight, exactly as you would outdoors. No other simulation technology or indoor launch monitor can capture and analyze action that quickly and with as much precision.


You can virtually play dozens of the world’s top courses, and even simulate wind and weather. During the season, Tour pros practice for events at the digital likes of Kapalua Resort, Pebble Beach, Torrey Pines, Firestone Country Club, and Harbour Town Golf Links, setting their Full Swing Simulator to mimic current course conditions — before actually heading there. It’s that reliable. Average Joes gush over its on-demand nature, where the pace of play is always comfortable. And beginners can learn the game without the intimidation of strangers watching. Then there’s the convenience: No travel time to and from a course; no carrying a bag; no weather issues. And it’s less taxing on the body.

Ironically, Full Swing Simulators are not improving just golf games. Take it from Tour pro Brandt Snedeker and his wife Mandy, for example, who installed a Full Swing Simulator in their home for an even better reason. “It lets me spend lots more quality time with my family,” says Snedeker. “You can’t put a price tag on that. I can get in 30 minutes of range time that would otherwise take 90 minutes at the golf course.” He’s home for his children much more often now and even plays golf with them on the simulator. Like many other families that have installed Full Swing Simulators in their homes, the Snedekers also use theirs as a large TV screen for weekend football gatherings. Redefining home entertainment, Full Swing Simulators are compatible with gaming systems and can come installed with 13 interactive sports experiences, including baseball, football, hockey, soccer, and even Zombie Dodgeball, among others — perfect for getting kids up and moving.

The future has indeed arrived.

SOURCE:  golfdigest