We are happy to report that the National Golf Club of Louisiana will continue to operate during these next three weeks under the guidelines outlined in the Governor’s Emergency Public Health Statement regarding the COVID-19 Outbreak. There will be several service reductions that will be in effect during this period to minimize contact between our guests and employees.

These include:

Tee Times: We encourage you to make your tee times in advance. During this time there will be tee times for only four golfers or less. NO FIVE-SOMES WILL BE ALLOWED.

Telephone Check-in: To minimize contact for you and our staff, we encourage you to utilize mobile check-in. You can do this by calling the Golf Shop at 337-433-2255 prior to your arrival at the Club and check in via credit card/debit card payment. We will have your cart sanitized and ready for your use upon arrival.

Pro Shop Check-in: To minimize contact for you and our staff, we are asking all patrons to pay via credit card or bank card. For exceptions to this, we ask that you make arrangements prior to your arrival. Again, for the safety of our guests and staff, we are limiting access to the Golf Shop for check-in, Snack Bar for to-go service, or Rest Room use only. NO LOITERING WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE CLUBHOUSE AREA. ADDITIONALLY, WE ASK THAT ALL PATRONS FOLLOW THE SIX-FOOT RULE, AND WILL ABIDE AT ALL TIMES BY THE TEN PERSON LIMIT RULE IN THE CLUBHOUSE AND PATIO AREAS.

Golfing Guidelines: We ask that golfers abide by the six-foot rule, not only throughout their round, but at all times. MARSHALS ARE INSTRUCTED TO ENFORCE THIS THROUGHOUT THE ROUND.

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