Westlake Junior Golf Program

A big thank you to Westlake Recreation Department for allowing kids to learn the game of golf free of charge. Through the Rec, kids get unlimited range, unlimited play, and free instruction. Here are some Juniors succeeding in tournament play: future stars.

Kruz Martin

Kruz is going into 8th grade and has 1 victory on U.S. Kids Bayou tournament. Finished 3rd in middle school point list. This is his 1st year playing golf.

Emma Stein

Finished 4th in the middle school championship last year as the only 6th grader in the competition. Emma currently has 2 wins on the U.S Kids Bayou Junior Tour. She is also in the 2nd stage of the Drive, Chip, and Putt competition. She is going into the 7th grade.

Caroline Harrison

Caroline is a 3-time winner on U. S. Kids Bayou Junior tournament. Going into the 6th grade.

Gracie Evans & Elle Rodriguez

First regional champions (women) in Westlake school history.

Collin Jones

Individual state champion. Collin signed with Nichols State to play golf.