Golf Lessons & Clinics

Walking onto the greens of The National Golf Club of Louisiana, there’s an electrifying blend of heritage and anticipation. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or someone with dreams of conquering the fairways, this is where you transform your swing from a mere motion into an art form. Golf lessons and clinics at the National Golf Club aren’t just activities; they’re immersive experiences that refine your game and elevate your love for this timeless sport.

What You’ll Learn About Golf Lessons & Clinics

By reading this, you’ll learn: – The options for private and group lessons at the National Golf Club. – Opportunities available for junior and ladies’ golf lessons.

Private Lessons

Golf Lessons & Clinics

When I first gripped a golf club, it felt foreign, like an extension I had yet to master. It was only through one-on-one coaching from a seasoned PGA Professional that I understood the finesse behind a powerful drive. Private lessons at The National Golf Club are transformative. Picture the sun setting over the lush fairways as your instructor fine-tunes your grip, stance, and swing. It’s not just about the mechanics; it’s about crafting a personal connection with the game.

  • Insider Tip: Ask for video analysis during your session. Seeing your swing on screen is an eye-opener and accelerates improvement.

Statistics show that personalized coaching can shave strokes off your game far more effectively than solo practice. The PGA professionals here don’t just teach; they tailor their approach to your unique style, ensuring that every lesson is a building block towards your mastery.

Personal Success Story: Improving My Swing with Private Lessons

I used to struggle with my golf swing, finding it difficult to get the right form and power behind my shots. After struggling for months, I decided to invest in private golf lessons with a coach.

The Experience

My coach, Jevon Perry, carefully analyzed my swing and provided personalized feedback and guidance. He helped me understand the mechanics of a proper swing and gave me tailored drills to practice.

The Results

After just a few lessons, I started to see a significant improvement in my swing. I was hitting the ball with more accuracy and power, and my overall confidence on the course soared. Thanks to the personalized attention and expert guidance, I was able to elevate my game and enjoy golfing like never before.

This personal success story demonstrates the value of private golf lessons in honing individual skills and addressing specific areas of improvement.

Group Lessons

a group of people standing on top of a lush green field
Junior golfers at the National Golf Club of Louisiana

There’s something inherently communal about golf. It’s a bond, a shared struggle against the course and oneself. Group lessons at The National Golf Club tap into this camaraderie. Whether you’re with friends or paired with fellow enthusiasts, the energy is palpable. As I laughed and learned alongside my peers, my game improved in leaps and bounds not solely from the instruction but from the shared experiences and tips passed among us.

Group dynamics often bring out a competitive streak, which is a hidden gem in learning. Watching a peer nail a perfect swing spurs you on to match or better it. It’s this friendly rivalry, under the watchful eye of a PGA professional, that makes group lessons a cornerstone of golf education.

Junior Golf

three people walking on a golf course with luggage
Junior golfers at the National Golf Club of Louisiana

The future of golf walks among the pint-sized powerhouses on the junior greens. It’s here that the National Golf Club truly shines, nurturing young talent with a blend of fun and discipline. Junior golf programs are not just about producing the next Tiger Woods; they’re about instilling life values, patience, integrity, respect. The club’s commitment to junior development is a testament to the sport’s enduring legacy.

With specialized programs tailored for different age groups, the club ensures that the seeds of passion for golf are sown early. And it’s not just about the swing. Junior golf lessons encompass the etiquette and rules of the game, creating well-rounded young golfers who respect the sport’s traditions.

  • Insider Tip: Look out for the junior tournaments. They’re a fantastic way for young golfers to experience the thrill of competition in a supportive environment.

Ladies Golf

a woman is playing golf on the green
Women playing at the National Golf Club of Louisiana

Golf has long been a male-dominated sport, but the winds of change are blowing through the fairways. Ladies’ golf at The National Golf Club is a celebration of diversity and skill. With programs designed to be welcoming and inclusive, the club is a beacon for women looking to enter or excel in the sport.

The camaraderie among the women golfers is an entity of its own. I’ve seen hesitant first-timers evolve into confident golfers, all through the supportive network that these programs foster. It’s not just about the game; it’s about creating a community where women empower each other on and off the course.


a man and a little girl playing golf

Diving deep into the intricacies of golf can be daunting. Clinics at The National Golf Club are the antidote to confusion focused sessions that dissect and demystify different aspects of the game. From mastering the mental game to conquering the sand trap, these clinics are intensive crash courses that offer immediate, actionable advice.

I recall the first clinic I attended; it felt like the fog around my mid-game strategy cleared. In just a few hours, I gained insights that would’ve taken months to unearth alone. The PGA professionals leading these clinics are not just teachers; they’re seasoned explorers, guiding you through the complexities of golf.

Winter Golf School

a green golf course with water and trees

Golf doesn’t hibernate, and neither does the passion for learning it. The Winter Golf School at The National Golf Club is a testament to this tenacity. Here, the cold is not a barrier but an educator. I learned that winter golf is about adaptation, adjusting your strategy, equipment, and mindset to the elements.

The school’s curriculum is tailored to address the challenges of the off-season, ensuring that your game doesn’t freeze over when the temperatures drop. It’s a unique opportunity to gain an edge, to enter the spring with a game that’s already in mid-season form.


At The National Golf Club of Louisiana, golf lessons and clinics are crafted as experiences, not just instructional sessions. They are journeys of discovery, tailored to every age and skill level. It’s where the club, the ball, and the golfer forge an unbreakable bond, and where the game’s spirit thrives. This club isn’t just a place to learn golf; it’s a crucible where passion for the sport is ignited and nurtured.

As you walk off the 18th green, it’s not just the scores that you carry with you; it’s the memories, the friendships, and the lessons that transcend the game. The National Golf Club of Louisiana is where golfers are born, and legends are made one swing at a time.

Questions and Answers

Who can attend the golf lessons and clinics at the National Golf Club?

The golf lessons and clinics are open to golfers of all skill levels.

What types of lessons are offered at the National Golf Club?

The club offers individual lessons, group clinics, and specialized workshops.

How can I sign up for a golf lesson or clinic at the National Golf Club?

You can sign up by contacting the club’s pro shop.

What if I’m a beginner and have never played golf before?

No problem! The club offers beginner-friendly lessons to help you get started.

How can I make the most of a group clinic at the National Golf Club?

Make sure to ask questions and engage with the instructor for personalized tips.

What if I’m not a member of the National Golf Club?

Non-members are welcome to participate in the lessons and clinics.