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Westlake Resident 2024 Annual Passes

WL Premiere Pass with No Cart Unlimited Golf 7 Days per Week (Cart rental available $15/round)$1,500
WL Premiere Pass with Cart Unlimited Golf 5 Days per Week$2,500
**WL Premiere Pass with Resident CartUnlimited Golf with Owner’s Cart$2,150
 *WL Senior Pass with No CartUnlimited Golf 7 Days per Week (Cart rental available $15 round)$900
*WL Senior Pass with CartUnlimited Golf 7 Days per Week$1,800
**WL Senior Pass with Resident CartUnlimited Golf with Owner’s Cart$1,450
WL Weekday Pass with No CartUnlimited Golf Monday – Friday (Cart rental available $15/round)$1,000
WL Weekday Pass with CartUnlimited Golf Monday – Friday$2,000
WL Weekday Pass with Resident CartUnlimited Golf Monday – Friday$1,650

*Senior Pass must be 60 or older to qualify.

**Must live in West Trace, have Cart registered within Club Guidelines.

Non-Resident 2024 Annual Passes

Non-Resident Weekday Pass Monday - Friday$3,000
Non-Resident 7-day PassMonday - Sunday$3,500
Non-Resident Senior/Junior Weekday PassMonday - Friday$2,500
Non-Resident Senior/Junior Pass 7-day PassMonday - Sunday$3,000

Senior Pass must be 60 or older to qualify.

All passes are limited to 100 rounds.

All passes include 1 range bucket a day (40 balls).

Annual Pass is good for twelve months from date of purchase or until all 100 rounds are used. Passes are
nontransferable. Applicant agrees to any and all course use policies and rules that are in effect. This
includes NGCLA’s alcohol policy that restricts users from bringing alcohol onto Club premises. In addition,
the fo llowing Club rules remain in effect: Compliance with dress code, adherence with pace of play
policy, adherence of fivesome policy and exhibiting inappropriate behavior and language to fellow
golfers and NGCLA staff. NGCLA reserves the right to amend rules and policies at its discretion. Applicant
agrees that use of facilities is conditional upon the following of rules in effect and shall be responsible for
behavior of any family use and/or guests. NGCLA shall have the right, at times, to block tee time from
pass holders at its discretion for private groups, events, and/or other occasions such as course
maintenance repairs and weather. NGCLA shall have the right to close driving range at its discretion.
NGCLA may cancel any and all use privileges for any violation of rules that are in effect. No refunds shall
be granted upon cancellation of this agreement by NGCLA. Applicant agrees to hold harmless and
indemnify NGCLA for injuries and damages as a result of use of facilities at NGCLA. Applicant agrees to
be financially responsible for damages to NGCLA caused by Passholder. By signature below, the applicant
acknowledges that he/she has thoroughly read, understands, and agrees to all terms of this agreement.