10 Golf Drills to Improve Your Game

Forget about the mundane introductions; let’s dive straight into the essence of improving your golf game from the comfort of your home with golf drills to improve your game. Whether you’re aiming to be the next big thing at the National Golf Club of Louisiana or simply looking to shave a few strokes off your game, integrating these 10 drills into your practice routine can transform your play. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill exercises; they’re tailored to refine your skills, focusing on precision, consistency, and the all-important mental aspect of golf. Alongside, I’ll share insights into shot shapes and trajectories that are game-changers. Let’s get started.

Improve Your Golf Game with These Drills

  • Learn 10 effective golf drills for improving your game at the National Golf Club of Louisiana.
  • The drills include 3-6-9 Putting, Ladder, Tee, Clock, Box, Gate, Circle, Coin, Line, and Two-Tee drills.
  • Find out answers to FAQs about the best golf drills, improving your swing at home, beginner-friendly drills, and effective golf practice techniques.

1. The 3-6-9 Putting Drill

Putting is an art, and the 3-6-9 Drill is your canvas. Set up three markers at 3, 6, and 9 feet from the hole. Challenge yourself to make a certain number of putts in a row from each distance. This drill isnt just about honing your accuracy; its about building pressure-handling skills. Remember, confidence on the green translates to strokes saved.

2. The Ladder Drill

Distance control with your irons is non-negotiable. The Ladder Drill involves hitting balls to various distances with the same club, focusing on controlling your swing length and speed. It’s a phenomenal way to understand your clubs better and master the art of precision.

3. The Tee Drill

A simple yet effective drill for improving your swing path and eliminating slices or hooks. Place a tee on either side of your golf ball, narrowly spaced. The objective is to hit the ball without disturbing the tees, promoting a straighter, more controlled shot.

4. The Clock Drill

Putting again, because let’s face it, it’s where games are won or lost. The Clock Drill involves placing balls around the hole at equal distances, resembling the numbers on a clock. This not only improves your putting from various angles but enhances your ability to read greens.

5. The Box Drill

Intended to perfect your chipping, the Box Drill involves chipping balls into a designated box from various distances. Its crucial for touch and feel around the greens, turning potential bogeys into pars or even birdies.

6. The Gate Drill

For fine-tuning your putting stroke, the Gate Drill involves creating a “gate” with two objects just wider than your putter head. Stroke through the gate to ensure a straight-back, straight-through movement. Consistency is key.

Personal Experience: The Ladder Drill

I used to struggle with my short game, especially with hitting the ball the right distance. After trying various drills, I came across the ladder drill, which completely transformed my approach.

Rachel’s Story

A woman is practicing golf drills to improve her game on the course while utilizing a golf cart.
Women playing at the National Golf Club of Louisiana

During practice, I set up 6 balls at increasing distances, starting from 10 feet and ending at 60 feet from the hole. The goal was to sink all 6 putts in a row. This drill not only improved my distance control but also boosted my confidence on the greens. I found that it translated into better performance during my actual rounds, and I was able to lower my overall score as a result. The ladder drill has become a staple in my practice routine, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to elevate their putting game.

7. The Circle Drill

Another putting drill, the Circle Drill emphasizes short, challenging putts. Place balls in a circle around the hole at a set distance. Rotate around, sinking each putt. It’s perfect for building confidence under pressure.

8. The Coin Drill

A hidden gem for improving your ball-striking. Place a coin slightly behind the ball. The goal is to strike the ball first, then the coin, promoting a descending blow which is crucial for solid, consistent contact.

9. The Line Drill

Alignment is often the culprit for errant shots. Lay a club or alignment stick on the ground, pointing towards your target. Practice your swings ensuring your feet, hips, and shoulders are parallel to the line. Its simple but remarkably effective.

10. The Two-Tee Drill

Designed to refine your driver swing, the Two-Tee Drill involves placing two tees on the ground, forming a gate just wider than your drivers head. The objective is to swing through the gate without hitting the tees, promoting a straighter path and reducing the risk of slices.


What are the best golf drills?

The best golf drills focus on fundamentals: putting, chipping, swing path, and alignment. Incorporating the 3-6-9 Putting Drill, the Ladder Drill, and the Tee Drill into your practice routine can significantly improve these aspects.

How can I improve my golf swing at home?

Improving your golf swing at home involves focusing on swing mechanics without hitting balls. The Line Drill and the Two-Tee Drill are excellent for this purpose. Additionally, practicing your grip and posture in a mirror can offer valuable feedback.

What is the best golf drill for beginners?

For beginners, the Circle Drill and the Box Drill offer a simple yet effective foundation for putting and chipping, respectively. They’re fun, easy to set up, and provide immediate feedback on your progress.

How do you practice golf effectively?

Effective golf practice is about quality over quantity. Set specific goals for each session, focus on one aspect at a time, and always include a putting or chipping drill. Remember, consistency is more beneficial than marathon sessions.

Incorporating these drills into your practice routine can significantly improve your game, making your next round at the National Golf Club of Louisiana not just another game, but a demonstration of skill, precision, and hard-earned improvement. Remember, the best golfers are made away from the course, in the dedication of practice at home.